Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cowtown Marathon Training Week 1

 "Welcome to week 1 of marathon training... with a small child".... that's what I told myself when I started this week on Monday. I could make 4 different excuses why this is not a good idea (actually, I'm sure I could come up with more than 4) but I'm only going to list the 4 that were in my mind....
  1. You are going to start training on Monday, then you'll fly to Orlando to begin vacation on Saturday (where there is tons of humidity).
  2. You are going to be busy this week "preparing" for taking 10 days off of work, how will you find time to run sleep?
  3. Brad works this week so you'll need to run, shower, get Jo ready and be out the door by 7am... how will you find the energy to do all of that?
  4. You are going to be doing some runs in Florida... and it will be hot! (did I mention the humidity)
You see that? I could find every excuse in the book as to why I shouldn't be trying to train for a marathon with a small child. Or, I can push myself to be the best version of myself (this usually happens when I am running). Plus, I found this awesome new dry shampoo that goes so well with the cold weather. So there goes the excuse of needing to spend a lot of time in the shower and styling my curly hair when its 30 degrees outside :D

Miles: 5.15
Time: 57:09
Pace: 11:06 avg

I woke up at 4am and got this in watching Fixer Upper on the iPad. I usually eat a yogurt and drink a cup of spark before my morning runs. I was in the shower by 5:45am.

Here is the workout provided by my coach:
1 mile warm up
2 minutes @ zone 3 pace - no incline
1 minute @ zone 2 pace @ 3.0 incline
1 minute @ zone 3 pace - no incline
1minute @ zone 2 pace @ 4.0 incline
Repeat the above "five minute" set 5 times through
Finish out the run to hit five miles total.

My zone 3 pace is 5.8 on the treadmill.
My zone 2 pace is 5.3 on the treadmill.

Miles: 4
Pace:  11:03 avg

Another 4am wake up, yogurt and cup of spark. This felt great.

I was scheduled to run before work but I stayed up late after I put Jo down for bed trying to get some work done before I left for vacation on Saturday. I knew it wasn't realistic to go to bed late and wake at 4am to run so I slept-in and planned on doing this at night after Jo went to bed. Then, I came home with a stomach ache from work so I just called it quits.

Miles: 3 (makeup from Friday)
Time: 32:40
Pace: 10:53

I got these miles in before Jo woke up (5am wake up) and cruised at 5.5 on the treadmill while watching TV. I'm learning to embrace the treadmill :) This was followed by breakfast with Santa at Brad's hospital! As you can tell by Jo's face... she did not enjoy the strange man with the beard... not one bit.

Miles: 10
Time: 1:53:44
Pace: 11:22 

Jo and I flew to Orlando on Saturday and arrived around 8pm. I got some rest and ran around my parents house on Sunday morning. My mom agreed to watch Joanna and feed her pancakes (I prepared the egg-free batter while I was eating breakfast myself) so I didn't feel rushed to get back to the house.  Around mile 3-4 I met up with my sister and did a run/walk - she lovingly brought me a bottle of water which I downed by mile 6. I didn't pack any gu so I definitely felt sluggish towards the end of the run. The humidity wasn't awful and there were cooler temps that kept this run feeling pretty comfortable.

This was a good first week of training. Just like I planned, a few things came up (working late, tummy ache and traveling to Florida) so I just worked with my coach to make some adjustments. Since I'll be doing some back-to-back long runs later in the plan, I'll need to try my best not to move too many of my runs around.

Running Mama Stephanie 

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