Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life Lately...

Hi friends!
I've been MIA for a while (since days before my first half marathon as a running mama, to be precise). It's mostly because I had a great race followed by trying to recover my legs. I took a beating trying to hit my 2:15 goal (which felt absolutely amazing on race day), then I spent the next 2-4 days limping around. I've been working with my coach, seeing a massage therapist and listening to my body (even though my mind is grumpy that my body isn't running as much now a days).

I'm not sure if I mentioned it (the last several weeks have felt like a whirlwind) but I had a lot of work travel to Austin the days leading up to the race and the days right after the race. I promise, when I signed up for the race, all that travel was not planned. The lack of proper rest is probably a big reason why I haven't recovered as quickly as I was accustomed to. But lets be real, how many parents with littles are getting "real rest".. ? Then you throw endurance running into the mix and... you know where I am going with this.

Jo and I after the Colony Half Marathon last month

Besides the projects I'm working on at the office, another big project Brad and I are working on is our relocation to Austin. You heard read that right, exactly 1 year after we moved from Florida to Dallas, Texas... we are turning around and moving our circus to Austin. You don't have to tell me how crazy this all sounds (have I mentioned spring marathon lately?) but I am promising our family that this is our last move.

So Brad and I and Jo and the dogs have been spending some weekends in Austin looking for a nice neighborhood to settle down and build a house in. Since this is our LAST move for a long while, we are looking to be close enough to the city where commuting to work is bearable but far enough away to give us a "country feel". We are planning to make some big decisions before Christmas (39 days to be exact) so we are doing everything in our power to make this happen.

Jo and the dogs watching a parade in Austin a few weeks ago
I haven't given up on the idea of a spring marathon, but my health and my family come first (in this instance, putting dedicated effort to relocating our circus). Once I can get my muscles back in working order, I'll have to evaluate timing and find a new race with my coach. 

Stay tuned... big things coming! Meanwhile, I've taken on most of the cooking efforts at home and I've totally let go of the idea that my house needs to be in "tip top shape"... because nobody has time for that. Plus, now that my kid is mobile we have one more person in our home who is constantly moving things out of place :)

Giving myself grace every step along the way...