Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Stats/Recap

Hello fall weather! September brought nice cool weather to the Dallas area which made me feel SO AWESOME because if we were still in Florida I would be cursing how awful the weather is and how our old home couldn't fit a treadmill. So, I'd basically not be running right now if we still lived in Florida.

Always, this month we celebrated Joanna's FIRST birthday! I cannot believe we survived our first year of parenthood and all the other craziness we threw in there (I'm sure I've mentioned only 60 X's how we sold our Florida home, moved to Grandma's house, moved to Dallas and started 2 new jobs! One of which consisted of 9 traveling work trips and lots of pumped milk). Yes, I'm proud of US. Anyways, lots of family and friends came to help us celebrate our little girl's first birthday and her baptism. Brad's birthday was just 2 days after Jo's and it was really nice for him to be able to see his family (it's been a long while!).

We ate a lot of cake and surprisingly I didn't gain all my baby weight back :) Well, let's see how this month shook out!

Run 80 miles
This was 1 mile less than last month. This month I skipped 2 runs and they happened to be on Joanna's birthday weekend when all of our family was visiting. I have to get a little better staying committed to running even if everything isn't going in our "normal routine".

Bike 19 miles!
We got out on the bikes three times this month! Didn't I mention that nice fall weather currently hitting Dallas? We live about 5 miles from a park/splash pad and its so nice to ride there on the bike and let Joanna play, then ride home. It's too bad that by the time she is really walking, it might be too cool for her to play in the splash pad :( Last month I got ZERO bike miles so this number makes me really happy! We all need some cross training, right?

Steps 407,637 (13k daily average)
This is just a tad bit lower than last month. I'm sure I'm getting more steps with my Fitbit than pre-Fitbit life but it's still so hard to get moving while I am at the office. Maybe I need to be taking the stairs and parking further away?

Strength Training Two 30-minute workout videos. This could be better!

Current Reads I just bought the Whole30 book. I really want us to embark on a Whole30 challenge but the timing just isn't right between being 3 weeks away from the half-marathon and wanting to start marathon training in November. Maybe I can learn more about Whole30 and plan to take this on in March. I'd also like to start incorporating more of those yummy meals in preparation for taking this on.

Current Obsession My new 365 Happy Planner! For the last several years I have struggled to actually write in a planner and keep up with it after I buy it. A co-worker/friend of mine introduced me to this planner that is FUN and also gives you lots of space to customize and write. It's a little bulky but all of the smaller planners that I've tried I just never keep up with. This goes hand-in-hand with the book I read last month suggested by my manager, Getting Things Done by David Allen. I'm doing a much better job lately of planning ahead and ACTUALLY living in the moment.

Current Song He Is Faithful sung by Bryan & Katie Torwalt. I heard this song at church when we first started going in January and I absolutely love it. It's a great reminder of how great my God is.

Current Need I'm still itching for a new camera but I haven't put much effort into actually researching one. I've been thinking how I need to start a photo album/scrapbook for Joanna but I need to spend some time looking into this.

Current Triumph My longest run with Coach Beth! I ran 13.1 earlier this week with a 10:28 average pace. I'm ready for that half marathon!

Current Bain of My Existence Everyone's political opinion.

Current Goal Commit to the marathon. I need to seriously commit and swallow the realization that this is going to be hard work. It was hard work to train for Chicago when I was kid-free and I'm sure it's going to be more difficult now that Joanna is part of our family. I keep going back and forth - some days I have confidence that I can take on the world and other days I don't feel like I'm worthy enough to take on such a challenge. I know in my core that I can do it - train and run a marathon as a mama. But, I have to really make the commitment this month. Maybe I need to blog weekly about my progress and actually sign up for the race? My goal is to make a decision by Nov 1st.

Current Indulgence Date Night! Brad and I got a few nights out this month and I really want to keep this up. Getting some time alone has really helped us communicate to each other what we want, what is bothering us, get on the same page about plans, etc. We can also just "hang out" and dream together. I'm putting an emphasis on date night and I think our overall mojo has improved because of this.

Current Blessings My husband who loves me and supports my personal and professional dreams. He also puts up with my craziness which makes me thankful that we get to do this thing called life together.

Current Excitement My half-marathon which is 3 weeks away!

How was your September?


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