Monday, August 1, 2016

July Stats/Recap

Just like that, July is over! I felt like this month flew by. So much happened that I didn't get a chance to blog about... or maybe I just didn't make it a priority.

We definitely explored more in the kitchen. I made little meatloaf "bites" for Joanna out of ground beef, ground turkey and ground chicken. I think she loved them all! Win for Chef Mama over here. I owe you guys a recipe as this was one of the most simplest things I've ever made. I was also able to use up that leftover puree we have in the freezer that Jo won't touch with a 10 foot pole and also that baby cereal she also won't touch. She is all about the self feeding right now!

We had visitors from Florida here in our new Texas home! My mom, sister and her two kids came to stay with us for a week. This was a pretty epic stay-cation. We went to Austin for 2 days, visited Magnolia Market in Waco on the way back to Dallas, spent some time at Great Wolf Lodge, visited some farm animals and just hung out at our house. The week flew by! This pretty much sums up how much fun Joanna had:

Joanna with her Wita (aka grandma and my amazing mom)

Joanna with her Titi (aka my wonderful sister)
Jo with her cousins Vinny and Bells.
They played with her so much more than I thought
they would and it made my heart melt <3

On the family side, we had a great month. Work was a little slow so I didn't have to travel this month. 

On the fitness side, I'm holding up pretty well. Although I did miss my long run right in the middle of the month, I came out running just a tad bit more miles that I did last month.

Steps - 421,192 steps (13.5k avg daily)
I'm still trying my best to move during the day. It helped that I was on vacation for 1 week but I'm sure I didn't meet my daily goal of 10k steps per day. Like last month, I mostly get my steps when I run and I need to change that. I need to try and get out of my desk chair a little more often! Maybe next month I'll start taking the stairs? :)

Running - 55 miles (we are ramping up!)
I've committed to a fall half marathon that I have to tell you guys all about. Getting through this Texas heat is going to be a challenge though. I really felt the heat and mom-life pressure to run this month so I got in 2-3 runs on the treadmill.

Strength Training - One 30min session & 3 workout videos
I missed a strength session or two this month which I have to get better at. Now that I'm almost at my pre-pregnancy weight I need to shift my focus on getting stronger. This type of cross-training can only improve my running but I'll admit that after the baby goes to bed, I don't always ever want to get this in.

Bike - I didn't take my bike outside at all. It is SO HOT outside. We are just going to leave it at that.

This month, I was proud of myself although this month did seem the hardest for me with Brad's schedule. We are working on a few things on the home front (AKA communication is key to any thriving relationship) that will hopefully help us both overcome the natural challenges that parenting and marriage bring. I have to remember to give him grace too, because that hard working, loving, make-me-laugh-and-smile-when-its-so-hard-at-times man tries really hard for our family. He shows up every single day and I have to remind myself that he cannot read my mind. 

I've got a few overdue things that I want to share with my little space of the internet so stay tuned!

How was your July?

Do you have any fall races you're considering?

Any easy, baby friendly recipes you can share with this Mama?


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