Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hello Treadmill

If I never mentioned it before, our house hold suffers from logistical challenges (like I am sure that most households with children do). Brad works night shift - 7 days on and 7 days off. Typically, I should be traveling for work on his off weeks but lately it's been a little slow in the project arena so I've been working from our office here in Dallas more. This means I've had more time to spend being creative around the house hanging out with the baby and hubby.

Anyways, when Brad and I are both home in the evening (not as often as I wish we were) - we are BOTH able to get in good runs outside. I usually run after the baby goes to bed when there is still light and then he will follow after the sun has gone down. This means someone is home with the baby while the other is getting their exercise in. This situation is GREAT and we are both in bed by 11pm :)

When I am traveling or Brad is working, it's been challenging for either of us to run. I'm not sure how other running mamas fit it all in. Between working/traveling, dinner time in the evenings, spending free time on the weekends with Brad and Jo - when in the world do people run? Did I mention that I love my sleep?

After a couple of months of convincing myself why we need a treadmill, these are the reasons I used to convince Brad :)

  1. It's too complicated to wake up and run in the morning. It's like a long list of stuff before you even start your day: feed the baby/eat something yourself, change her diaper, put her in the stroller (take crackers in case she gets fussy), run, come home and shower (while the baby crawls around the bathroom floor), get dressed, get the baby dressed and get all of our stuff in the car to do daycare-drop-off/drive to work. Yeah, I did that twice and never again. Getting out of the house is complicated enough without trying to run also.
  2. It's too hot outside to run when we get home from work (100+ degrees) and in the winter it will be too cold for the baby (30-50 degrees). We aren't even walking the dogs anymore because its just unbearable. Maybe when the fall weather decides to make an appearance we can re-visit this again. I'm sure the dogs miss their 2-mile walk around the neighborhood like we were doing every evening in the spring.

  3. It's too stressful to leave the office during lunch time. I know, that sounds so silly. How many adults in Corporate America leave for lunch? TONS! But seriously, I do not leave the office for lunch. I typically pack my lunch and bring it with me to work I try to be the most efficient I possibly can so I can beat the traffic home AND avoid having to do any leftover work in the evenings. I tried this one time and I couldn't cool down enough to go back to the office so I ended up working from home for the rest of the afternoon. Plus, I wouldn't have enough time to run more than 4 miles. How is that going to work during marathon training? ;)
  4. Running after dark is not an option when only one parent is home. Maybe putting my kid in the stroller for "bedtime" so I can go for a run doesn't make me a #badmom but I sure as hell feel like one. And I'm sure that leaving her home alone to go for a run WOULD make me a bad mom. So let's just nix this idea overall :)
  5. Even when I travel for work, I can't always run outside. I hate to admit this because I should be able to get outside. Only my hotel is not generally in a location with great side walks or I have to drive too far to get to a park and run. It's much easier to go down to the fitness room and run before work, after work or even after dinner (when its dark).
I used to HATE the treadmill. But then I realized that I really don't have another option if I want to build a solid base and eventually train for a spring marathon. I've been coming to terms with my new treadmill relationship since I have been using it a lot more on work trips. I will admit that some days are very challenging. Other days when it feels easy to crank out 4 miles... I feel like I have super powers :)

So lo and behold - we bit the bullet and got one! I did some homework and knew that I wanted a used one. I figured that we could get a nicer quality machine than buying a brand new one. Also, I wasn't sure how much we would actually use it (this was a big concern for both of us since most treadmills get used as clothes hangers... says Brad and the rest of the internet!). Then, I went to Play It Again Sports and checked out their inventory. I did a little research on the used treadmills that they had on hand, but ultimately the sales guy helped us make our decision.

Finding a place for this in our house was difficult but our only real option ended up being to put it in our bedroom. This isn't ideal when one of us is sleeping and the weather is bad outside (I just made that up... like right now) but I'm learning that there is no perfect situation.

The other night I was able to get in 5.75 miles pretty easily. Coach Beth has been giving me different runs to keep me entertained on the treadmill and that is MUCH appreciated. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with switching the speed and the incline but focusing on that really helps the run fly by! 

What do you to to help you stay motivated on the treadmill? 


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