Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stroller Running

Somewhere along the lines I told Facebook that I was only 7lbs shy of my pre-pregnancy weight. I have to sadly admit that once those size 10 jeans started to feel loose, I went out and bought a scale. I knew I was losing weight the right way (eating healthy, getting more steps in during the day and trying my best to exercise) so I needed a little push. The scale did just that - push me to get out and exercise more. I've been fluctuating between 6-10 pounds (until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight) over the last month. I'm sure it has something to do with how many ounces of milk my breasts are carrying in the morning, if I had wine and ice cream the night before and overall how active I've been.

Although I have successfully been able to convince whine enough for Brad to push the stroller during all of our races and training runs up until now - this has sadly come to an end.

I seriously don't know how he does it without stoping to walk.
Fire Fly 5k in Dallas

Run For Cover 5k in McKinney
Brad started his "real shift" this week so Jo and I have been running on our own (mostly when he's been sleeping). Those instances where he is running with us, usually he is holding on for dear life after Toby who likes to sprint. If you know Toby, he is an 8 year old puppy who needs lots of exercise. Toby has a lot of energy and LOVES to run. No way Jose, I'll stick with the stroller ;)

This week I got out for 3 runs and ran 6.5miles with Jo and the stroller. This sounds so pathetic in my eyes because there were weeks of training where I'd run anywhere from 25-45 miles. But I've got to give myself grace and realize that life is a lot different right now. Running is also a lot different. Pushing a 19lb baby, a "light-weight" running stroller and ALL of my water is no joke. Not that I ever joked about it before, but definitely not joking now.

I've got this crazy idea (that stemmed before Joanna was even born) that I want to run another marathon before baby #2. I know that you're thinking - who the hell is even thinking about baby #2? Well if you know me, I'm a planner. I can't stay that I'm always the best planner (even though I should be as a Project Manager)... but I still plan. So naturally I'm thinking about my running and my rapidly growing family when I say, "when's my next marathon?".

First.. I've gotta keep stroller running. And/or I need to invest in a treadmill. Jo is GREAT in the stroller. Most afternoons when we get home from work/daycare, she will fall asleep while running in the stroller. The problem is not Joanna. The problem (roll in the excuses) is the soon-to-be 100 degree Texas summers. Can I really hydrate enough during the day, wear enough sunblock and survive those summer evenings all while pushing the stroller? Or can I motivate myself to treadmill run in my 73 degree bedroom after I put her to bed in the evening? I'm not sure which one is worse so these next several weeks I'm going to be focusing on my exercise efforts.

I'm focusing on 3 efforts a week. I just need to do something - 3 days a week. When I first went back to work, I was doing pretty good getting up and exercising in the morning before I started my day. Joanna was about 3.5 months old and mostly sleeping through the night. Then around the 4.5 month mark she got sick with 2 colds and I'm pretty sure just STRAIGHT UP stopped sleeping. When I wasn't getting enough rest, I quickly gave up exercising during the week. She seems to have settled down again in her sleeping routine. Not quite sleeping through the night but also not nursing all night long. So, I'm going to try again and focus on getting some exercise in during the week.

There is no dieting going on over here - just healthy eating. I know that I need good, healthy, wholesome foods to power me through exercise and also help me reach my goal to breastfeed Jo until her first birthday. So although I started off by saying that I'm 6-10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight - I really need to not focus on that. 

I know I'm not the most dedicated blogger out there but I'll try my best to keep you guys abreast of my exercising efforts and my goal of running a marathon. I need to find a running coach, a running group for those long rungs and really just give myself grace as I enter a new chapter in my life - stroller running!

Until next time! 

Running Mama

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