Sunday, April 17, 2016

Running Mama

Tonight I gave Jo a bath, rubbed her down with some baby lavender lotion, got her dressed in her jammies and put her to bed. We've been working on modified "sleep training" over here which just means we are trying to put her in the crib drowsy but awake in hopes that one day she won't need so much help in falling asleep. I'd do anything to get her to sleep through the night without her crying because my new-mom heart just can't handle all of the crying. So, I laid her down and talked to her softly and patted her butt until she got drowsy and started drifting off. As soon as she was out, I ran out the door.

Okay well not really.. I changed into my running SKIRT and headed outside. I cannot believe I fit into my old running skirts again! I never thought those skirts would fit again... but they do!

Tonight I ran 4 miles without stopping. They were pretty darn hard - but so is parenthood. 

I keep thinking about the days when I was never a runner and then I think about the days when I first started running and then the days where I tried to build mileage and how it was SO HARD. But the whole process was hard work. Getting from 1 mile to 3 miles to 5 to 10. Signing up for our first half marathon or even our first full marathon. And it took even more courage to sign up for my second marathon where I would run absolutely alone and I'd need to believe in myself for an entire 26.2 miles without ANYONE running by my side reminding me that I can do it. 

And then I remember that it took A LOT of dedication and persistence to become a runner. Those are qualities I just didn't fully have before I fell in love with it all. But it didn't happen over night. And even at my peak of training and PRing and having so much fun... there are days that I still didn't believe in myself. Days that I still didn't believe that I... ME could run for 4.5 hours straight.

And as I think about how hard running is and compare it to how hard parenting is... they have more than just that in common. They both continuously show me that I can do anything I put my mind to. That sounds so silly because I'm supposed to be an adult and I'm not supposed to need pep talks. But for someone like me, it took me a long time to realize that it does not matter how hard something is - IF I want to do it... I can do it (well except for mathematics ..but maybe I just DON'T want to do math.. ha). It doesn't matter how old we are, sometimes we just need to find something that inspires us to be stronger, better people.

Anyways, I ran 4 miles. And when I wanted to stop at 3 I told myself, how am I ever going to run a 10k or a half marathon or a FULL marathon again if I don't push through the hardness. How am I ever going to show Joanna that you can do anything you want when you believe in yourself ...if I don't push through and believe in myself? I'm going to do it through persistence and dedication... thats how. And its going to be hard work to be a running mama but if I believe that I can do it.... I can do it!

And this guy right here... the one who pushes the stroller during all of our races and the one who believes in me and all of my crazy ideas.. he reminds me that I can do whatever I set my mind to. But, he also reminds me that it's going to be hard work.

Last weekend's 5k, Brad was the first stroller finisher
Running Mama Stephanie

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