Thursday, April 28, 2016

Life in Dallas

I am proud to say that we all survived my first two serious travel trips. Up until now, I've been to Austin twice - one day trip and one overnight trip. These were long enough trips to get a feel for what travel will be like once my job got busy; but short enough to not feel like I missed much at home. Well, in the last several weeks... work has gotten very busy.

Last Thursday/Friday I went to New York for a few meetings. In the 30 hours I was actually in New York, I was able to get a lot of work done, run 2.5 miles on the treadmill, meet a few familiar faces, meet a few new faces and host a couple of meetings. It was the most exhausting trip I think I've ever taken and I probably slept 4-5 hours total.

I arrived home late Friday night and 30min after I walked in the door, Jo was ready for her evening nursing session. Needless to say, I was tired but I was also so happy to be able to rock her in her chair. Saturday she woke up around 5:30am and as hard as I tried to get her to fall back asleep, she wasn't interested. I woke up pushed Brad out of bed and we all went for a 2.5 mile stroller run. We typically have swim class at noon on Saturdays.. so after a good breakfast and a few showers, we headed to that.

This past weekend was a little special because we attended Brad's work picnic on the west side of town. The park we went to also had a "beach" ... but clearly for a Floridian, I was not convinced we were near the ocean. The sand was brown and I could see the other side of the lake! Jo didn't seem to mind :)


After the beach we headed to his coworker's house for a little after party. There were other babies and children there so we felt really comfortable hanging out until it was time for dinner. He works with a really nice bunch of people who were all very welcoming. Of all of the people we've met in Dallas, they are all very much like this.

On Sundays we typically go to the first service that our church offers. We've met a few couples with children through our church so slowly but surely, the town we live in is beginning to feel like "home". We ran a few errands after church then spent the rest of the afternoon in the house before I had to fly out to Memphis for another 3 day work trip.

Brad and Jo survived both trips without me. They really have a bond that I'm almost a little jealous of. Not to mention her "words" right now are DA DA DA DA DA... DA DA DA.... and I'm sure he is enjoying that. When I'm holding Jo, she is always "looking" for her daddy. He can make her laugh so hard that I laugh too. I was so afraid that the decision we made 10 months ago to move half way across the country was going to blow up in our face once I started traveling.

I will whole heartedly admit that I missed them so much while I was gone. I had such mom guilt on Monday night and the only thing that made it better was a glass of wine and a large steak. That sounds awful but its so true. Monday night was the hardest. Jo was sitting on Brad's lap when we were FaceTiming and my heart just sunk when the conversation went from happy to cranky. She was getting tired and ready for her bath. Having to hang up the phone and not be there to help soothe her, bathe her and put her in bed just crushed my heart. But Brad and Jo did great. When Jo gets cranky and can't go back to her crib at night, snuggling seems to always calm her down.

Life in Dallas is busy. I feel like we are always go, go, go and then more go. Although we really try not to leave the house during the week after work/daycare when we get home in the evenings (except for Wednesdays, we've been going to small group with a few church couples and their kids), but that means that usually the weekends are full of activities. We are spending time together as a family and making memories - but its tiring! 

I don't really know if life in Tampa would have been so busy. And its SO HARD to imagine what life would have been like with her there. Being in Dallas has really forced us to visit new places, try new restaurants, walk/run around new parks (with the dogs!) and just overall get out. Get outside the house, get outside our town, get outside our comfort zone. We've made so many memories in the 5 months we've been here but we've also slept far less hours.

Life in Dallas is different. Sometimes you don't know what you are missing out on until you experience something drastically different than what you're used to. I was never really afraid of change (reason #25 why we jumped at the offer to move to Dallas with a baby) but something about Dallas really energizes Brad and I. The people here are fast-paced, outdoorsy and super nice. Every 5k we've run has dogs participating! So many people we've met have left everything they knew behind to take an opportunity in Dallas so although so many of us are "alone"... they are so kind to welcome you to their circle of friends.

Life in Dallas is hard. As busy and fun and different as Dallas is... it's also hard work. I travel and sometimes work after Jo goes to bed, Brad works 7days straight overnight but then gets 7 days off. Our logistical challenges are real. I always dreamed about being in Dallas and working for my company when I was young and single... but now, I couldn't imagine being here without these people... my family, my people <3


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