Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sick Babies Are a Game Changer

Brad and I don't get sick often. Actually, we rarely get sick. I know this probably sounds like BS (oh, those people who never get sick), but seriously we just don't. The last time I was sick was when I traveled to New York in January 2015 for 4 days and I blamed my bad cold on the subway germs. It may have really be caused by my compromised immune system and subway germs - when I came home from that trip we learned that we were pregnant! Anyways, before those oozing boogers in New York - it had been about 2 years since I was sick and maybe 3 years before that. In the last 5 years that Brad and I have been together - he's only been sick once! You get the picture... it just doesn't hit us very often.

Well, sick babies - they are a game changer. I mean, of course they don't have all of the years of warrior-strong immune systems like the rest of us do (except for a few key individuals at work who I feel are always sick - does anyone else feel like that?). But still, I wasn't prepared for what was about to happen. 

We I already planned to stay home this past weekend because the weather in Dallas was going to drop significantly. Okay, for this Florida girl - anything fewer than 55 degrees is significant, but still. It was supposed to drop to mid-30s + wind + cloudy on Saturday and Sunday it would reach 40 degrees with sunshine. You already know that I was not planning on getting out of my PJs. Thank goodness my dogs have learned to relieve themselves in the backyard - could you imagine walking a dog in 30-40 degree weather? I cannot (sorry puppies).

Joanna came home from daycare last Thursday with what sounded like a little bit of a stuffy nose. We kept an eye on her and she slept fairly well Thursday night. Friday she only went to daycare a few hours and I'm sure those baby germs just made it worse. That night, our lives were about to change. We thought we had this baby thing figured out, then she goes and gets sick on us (or maybe its our fault because we sent her to daycare (insert working mom guilt here) ... (and again here). I keep telling myself that although its tough to see our baby with congestion, her immune system is going to get stronger. But seeing a 3.5 month old baby get sick is the most heart breaking thing in the entire world.

The ENTIRE world.

This is how our weekend went:
Friday night
7-8pm: bath, massage, feeding, ready for bed
1030pm: Jo wakes up and Brad rocks her in the glider
12am: I take Jo to our bed and she sleeps on my cheast
6am: Jo wakes up and we nurse and go back to sleep in the bed together
730am: we wake up for the day

Saturday during the day wasn't bad. She had good naps (in her crib) and she nursed well at all of her feedings. Brad made a delicious beef pasta dinner for us. Saturday night, all hell broke loose.

Saturday night:
7-8pm: bath, massage, feeding, ready for bed
10pm: nurse and go to sleep in our bed
1am: nurse and wheezing, coughing and crying
230am: Brad and I decide that we need to take her to an urgent care. We pack a bag, snacks, our coats and get in the truck. We drive 15 minutes down the road to find out the urgent care is closed (it said it was open 24hrs). Joanna finally calms down from the drive and the wheezing stops and she is breathing much better. We decide to go home instead of finding another.
3am: arrive home, Jo and I go to sleep on the couch together
6am: nurse and go back to sleep
9:30am: we finally wake up for the day

Sunday, after we woke up and she started moving around - she started to feel much better. I thought we were getting through the worst. Her nose went from stuffy to runny and her coughing wasn't consistent. We hung out at home again and she had good naps (in her crib), good feedings and I had hope that Monday would bring me a happy, non-sick baby.

Sunday night:
7-8pm: bath, massage, feeding, ready for bed
8-9pm: rock, rock, rock in the glider
9-10: rock, rock, rock in the glider. Every attempt at putting her in the crib results in massive crying. She just wants to be held so Brad and I made a game plan.
10pm-130am: Jo and I sleep on the couch together. She wakes up coughing and that's Brad's queue to switch.
130-2am: Jo cries and doesn't settle down easily. I try to nurse, she doesn't want it. Brad tries to soothe her so I can get a few hours in the bed.
2am-530am: Brad sleeps on the couch with Jo. My alarm goes off at 530 and I go and try wake up Jo to feed her.
530-6am: I try to feed Jo, she isn't taking it. I pump because I'm engorged. We try to feed her the bottle - she doesn't want it. She doesn't settle down - I n a mere panic, I call my mom asking her what to do next. While on the phone with my mom and me holding Jo upright, she settles down and falls asleep.
6am-645am: Jo lets me put her in the crib for a nap. She is extremely tired (first time she slept in her crib in the evening hours all weekend). I get ready for work.
6:45am: Brad feeds her the bottle
7am: I leave for work

Needless to say, I started off the week pretty tired. I had big meetings on Monday afternoon that I didn't want to bomb-out during I drank half a Dr. Pepper in hopes that the caffeine will keep me going. Monday and Tuesday were pretty rough but I made it through both days. I received my first project which I was super excited about! My new project team is very helpful and I'll get a chance to learn a different aspect of my industry.

By today (Wednesday), I hit a marathon wall. Done. Kaput. I dropped off Jo at school this morning so that Brad can get some more sleep, he's pretty sick too. By the time my 11am meeting came around - I had snot coming out of every hole in my face and sinus pressure like you couldn't believe. So I did what any new, working mom would do - I wrapped up my day around 1pm and headed home. At 3pm I went to pick up my baby early and we both napped on the couch and cuddled and played until dinner and bedtime.

I'm all ready for bed!
Maybe the nap helped me feel better. Or maybe it was just the extra baby time I got this afternoon. Either way, I'll be disinfecting our house this weekend and hopefully all of the germs will find a new place to live!

One Sick Mama

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