Monday, September 21, 2015

DIY Nursery Bedding Part 2

In my last post, I left off on describing my efforts of learning how to sew (only, we didn't get into the actual sewing details). Apparently there is a lot of planning required before you even sit down at your sewing machine - and even more planning once you bring home all of your materials from the craft store. 

3. Turn on your sewing machine

Brad and I planned a weekend to spend at my MIL's house so we can start our sewing project. We packed up the car, loaded the doggies and drove 2 hours south. I somehow misplaced the power cable to my sewing machine (truthfully, I'm not sure how I did this because I never even turned the thing on) but luckily, my machine uses the same power cable as your standard printer. Needless to say, I borrowed MIL's printer cable to power my machine for the weekend.

Friday night, Mom Ganey took it easy on me. She gave me a crash course on my machine... how to turn it on, the fact that it has 40+ fancy stitches it can sew, how to thread the machine and the needle, etc. Then, she put me to work on sewing "tabs". There were plenty of tabs that needed to be sewn, they basically looked like this:

Eventually, these tabs would adhere to different parts of the nursery bedding to attach parts together - attach bumpers to each other, make "hoops" for the organizer to hang off the crib, etc. 

Before I arrived, Mom made these items and it really got my juices pumping to get some hard-core sewing in that weekend. I could see what the final product was supposed to look like and I was super excited :)

baby organizer

So, we spent all weekend sewing (and cooking/eating delicious foods). We made 6 bumpers to go around the entire crib, 2 fitted sheets (one grey and one pink), one medium-sized quilt, the bed skirt and a ton of little flowers that got attached to different parts of the decor. 

baby quilt

Mom made a canopy that is supposed to hang over the crib on the wall - but we've opted to not put it up until we've finished moving into our new place (thats a whole other story) - yes, we are moving!

4. Put the nursery together

After spending the weekend sewing our nursery decor, we came home and our final project was to finish putting the nursery together. We had to decide if it was really worth it to decorate the entire room considering that we'd be packing it up and moving it in just a few months. Baby Joanna isn't really going to be able to enjoy it until we get to our new destination. So, we opted against hanging things on the wall and unpacking certain items that we really wouldn't be using yet.

Overall, we really loved how it all turned out!

Where most of my sleeping will occur over the next several months

We opted for the dresser with changing table "top" for more storage
The dresser Mami restored this summer

Besides all of the planning that went into getting the nursery ready, there is also a lot of planning that goes into sewing. Thats probably the biggest thing I learned while sewing with Mom. AND, you need a clean space to lay out all of your materials! Once we move, I won't be working from home full-time so I'm hoping to be able to dedicate some of the "office" space to sewing space.

Until next time!


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