Wednesday, August 19, 2015

my first bluum box

Somehow, Facebook knows that I am expecting and continuously posts ads on my newsfeed about maternity and babies. I am convinced it's linked to the internet searching I do on my computer because the next time I login, I always have updated maternity and baby ads in my news feed specifically related to the items that I search. I feel like this is a good thing and also a bad thing. It's great to see new products advertised because the world of parenthood is new for my husband and I (and I am open to trying new things anything that will help us "survive" our first year)... but it's also scary that it knows what I search for on the internet and I become curious as to how this information is used publicly. If anyone knows how to turn this off, please let me know! Anyways....

I heard about bluum through my Facebook feed. bluum is a company that provides a monthly box of goodies from pregnancy to preschool and they offer a subscription service - 1 month, 3 month, 1 year, etc. I found a discount code and signed up to received my first box for $9.99. Right after I signed up, I read some not-so-good reviews about this company comparing it to another, Citrus Lane. I will probably give Citrus Lane a try too. But for now, this is what I thought about my first bluum box...

I signed up for the service back in July and it was very easy to do. I was glad to see that they advertised for during-pregnancy as well as items for after the baby is born. I entered our baby's due date, 9/25/2015 and was on my way. I received an introduction email letting me know that I can customize my box and it was very easy to do so when I logged into my account on their website.

Roughly 20 days after I placed my initial order and customized my box/account for the types of things I was interested in receiving, I received an email from bluum letting me know that my box has shipped. I received my box yesterday and I LOVE the color! :) I actually forgot that I would be receiving my box so when the doorbell rang, I was happily surprised (and yes... our doormat says "go away" ...haha). 

When I opened the box, I found some pretty tissue paper, some stuffing and a lovely little card. The card says that we are in the 3rd trimester (34 weeks!) and also has a quote:

"I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year."
- Edna St. Vincent Millay

I received 5 items in my box:

1. Brain rules for baby by Dr. John Medina

Honestly, I was mostly excited about this book - which focuses on early child development and effective parenting based on research presented by Dr. John Medina. It's received 5 solid stars on Amazon and its valued at $9.99. I will likely post a review of the book once I've had an opportunity to get through it.

2. Oh Sew Ready: Maternity 12-40 weeks

I thought these stickers were super cute. Although, I hadn't seen them for mom - only for babies each month as they grow. I feel like it's a little late in my pregnancy to start this (I'll be 35 weeks on Friday!), so I'll probably regift them to a pregnant friend :) this was valued at $10 on Amazon.

3. Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle

I was really interested in the bottle by Platex also. I plan to breastfeed and pump so I'm not sure which bottle baby Ganey will take best. Although I do have a #1 bottle already chosen (the Kiinde system due to their ease of pumping, storage and feeding straight from the bag), it's nice to have a back up option for her to try. This was valued at $6.50 on Amazon.

4. Playtex Baby VentAire Nipple Variety Pack

When I first received this, I thought how great is it that it's a variety pack! And then I realized that the flow is not variety (for those non-parents like me.. there is a different "flow" or size of the nipple opening for the different ages in months). This has a variety of shapes: breast-like, full-sized, natural latch, and angled. Well that just made it that much more confusing :)

5. Ellovi Vanilla Lip Butter

I couldn't find this on Amazon but this does glide on just like butter would :) Our birth-center teacher highly recommended bringing chapstick in our hospital bag because of all of the breathing that you do in-and-out of your mouth. Needless to say, I'll be packing this along!

Shortly after my box arrived, I received an email from bluum basically outlining what to expect in my box and their perceived value of each item. This was nice as a first-time mom to have more information on each item without having to look it up (although this shipment wasn't difficult to figure out the purpose of each)... I liked the overall idea.

I hope that the boxes continue to get better for the monthly cost of $29 (month-to-month subscription). Although there is a discount if you sign up for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. I probably won't be renewing the subscription and I'll give another company a try. I liked the ease of the system (I am an Amazon fanatic so anything delivered to my doorstep for cheap is my perfect relationship) but I didn't love all of my items. But again, maybe I have to give them another try for a few more months.

Have you ever tried a home-delivery system for pregnancy/mom/baby items? What was your experience like?

Soon-to-be "Mami"

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