Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Game of Thrones Themed Birthday Cupcakes

I am finally getting around to sharing my not-so-homemade-cupcakes experience. Since I came home from all of my July travel, I have been pretty much pregnancy-exhausted. The planning in me went a little overboard during the month of July (it was that second trimester energy I didn't realize would ware off) when I tired to fit in a theme-park weekend with the kids, plane travel to 3 states and a weekend trip to Miami (can someone please give me a cup of coffee?!).

Anyways, one late Friday night a week-and-half ago, I was making some "Game of Thrones" themed birthday cakes for my littlest cousin, Khaleesi. As you can imagine, she was named after a character in the books/movies (I never got into it but Brad says its not really child-appropriate). While my Uncle Migue and his wife (Marlene) were trying to plan her first birthday party, we needed to find a way to make it... child appropriate :)

I was in charge of the cupcakes/cake for her party and Marlene was the real creative one who made ALL of the decorations for the party herself. This is my Pinterest-inspired look I was going for:

I decided to cook half-vanilla and half-red velvet cupcakes in order to get a more "red" theme. So, I cheated and used the box stuff. I'm sure the only kids who really noticed were my niece and nephew who are "spoiled" (as my sister Gladys puts it) by my made-from-scratch baking that I normally do for them. So, I mixed up the batter and poured the red velvet mix into the cupcakes first, then followed it with the vanilla mix. I did use Mom Ganey's cream cheese icing recipe for the topper - who doesn't love some cream cheese icing?

I also made a mini-cake for Khaleesi to blow out her #1 candle.

I let those bad boys sit in the fridge over night and Gladys and I left for Miami around 5am Saturday morning. They survived the car trip and when we arrived, we needed to get all of the little flags ready for show. I downloaded the below file and printed all of the little flags on card stock paper:

Did I mention that I put Gladys and Marlene to work cutting out and stringing those little flags? We had 20 and they did an awesome job helping me get through those little suckers. Here is what our final cupcakes looked like... I was very happy with the outcome :)

And my taste-tester Vinny gave me the stamp of approval on flavor <3

We decided to take our creativity (and tiredness - Gladys barely slept the night before) to the next level when we turned a watermelon into a pirate ship. 

P.S. I do not recommend adding jelly beans to your pirate ship. This photo was taken shortly after we put the whole thing together, but the licorice jelly beans that I brilliantly added for "color" made the fruit turn BLACK which I'm pretty sure it one of the reasons why no one ate the fruit ;)

Here is a side-view of the bump at 31 weeks along - that dress was so comfy! Besides the fact that we were in 90 degree weather and all of my body parts were sweating :O

The party was a huge success! I wish I would have gotten more photos of all of her decorations, but I was able to get one of the birthday girl. 

I'm pretty sure that I forgot to mention - my sister Gladys is the first grandchild and oldest cousin in our Mom's family. She was born on the EXACT SAME DAY as the last grandchild and youngest cousin in our family - Khaleesi (only 30-something years apart). Here are the birthday girls on Sunday right after their birthday breakfast <3

We had a pretty awesome weekend with family, its just sad the trip was so short!

Until next time... I have a post lined-up regarding the nursery bedding/decor for Baby Ganey that Mom Ganey and I have been working on (mostly her).


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