Monday, July 27, 2015

All Work.. Some Play

The month of July has been filled with work travel so I haven't had much free time to play around in the kitchen or even complete think about many baby projects! 

I spent 4 days in New York transitioning some of my duties to another coworker in preparation for my maternity leave. I didn't get to see anything overly exciting this time - it was mostly airport, hotel, lab, client site, lab, airport, hotel. In between, I did get to do a little shopping....

...we missed daddy a little much
And at 31 weeks, I felt and looked a little larger than normal...

I was home for a few days, then hubby and I were off to Texas for a weekend away! We flew into Dallas but throughly enjoyed the suburbs of North Dallas while visiting family.. and doing a little more shopping :)

Hubby flew back home and I went off to Memphis, TN for a few days for another work trip. I got to meet an amazing team of people but will admit that I got a little home sick. I normally LOVE traveling for work but lately the extra weight and lack of sleeping-normal has me thinking that traveling while pregnant isn't as glamorous as it is for the non-pregnant world.

Again, I was home for 2 days and then headed off to my next destination... Miami, FL to celebrate a very special girl's 1st birthday - Game of Thrones themed...

Marlene (Uncle's Wife), Khaleesi (birthday girl)
and my God Father/Uncle Migue

On Friday night, I was able to have a little fun in the kitchen... I made some Game of Thrones themed cupcakes and my sister and I made a fruit pirate ship! I'll go into more detail about those two kitchen activities in my next post...

Traveling Career-Mom Stephanie

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