Monday, July 27, 2015

All Work.. Some Play

The month of July has been filled with work travel so I haven't had much free time to play around in the kitchen or even complete think about many baby projects! 

I spent 4 days in New York transitioning some of my duties to another coworker in preparation for my maternity leave. I didn't get to see anything overly exciting this time - it was mostly airport, hotel, lab, client site, lab, airport, hotel. In between, I did get to do a little shopping....

...we missed daddy a little much
And at 31 weeks, I felt and looked a little larger than normal...

I was home for a few days, then hubby and I were off to Texas for a weekend away! We flew into Dallas but throughly enjoyed the suburbs of North Dallas while visiting family.. and doing a little more shopping :)

Hubby flew back home and I went off to Memphis, TN for a few days for another work trip. I got to meet an amazing team of people but will admit that I got a little home sick. I normally LOVE traveling for work but lately the extra weight and lack of sleeping-normal has me thinking that traveling while pregnant isn't as glamorous as it is for the non-pregnant world.

Again, I was home for 2 days and then headed off to my next destination... Miami, FL to celebrate a very special girl's 1st birthday - Game of Thrones themed...

Marlene (Uncle's Wife), Khaleesi (birthday girl)
and my God Father/Uncle Migue

On Friday night, I was able to have a little fun in the kitchen... I made some Game of Thrones themed cupcakes and my sister and I made a fruit pirate ship! I'll go into more detail about those two kitchen activities in my next post...

Traveling Career-Mom Stephanie

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nursery Under Construction

Slowly but surely, we've been working on our baby girl's nursery! A long while ago I decided that we were going to paint the nursery grey and have little "pops of pink" along the room. Just in case we decided to sell the house the neutral color would be pretty easy to convince a potential buyer (or so I hope). We've followed this theme in most of the other rooms in our house, painting them a more natural color and nothing crazy like the pinks I painted my room in high school and college.

Back in May, we started converting our once "dog room" into a nursery for our little bean. All of Toby, Hemi and Starr's belongings once lived in there - their food bowls, all their toys, cat litter box, dog crate, etc. We moved their stuff to the rest of the house and they quickly learned that this was now going to be the new baby room! Although it took Hemi a long while to figure out that when I said "go home" to his crate for bedtime, his crate was no longer in the "dog room" and it was now in the living room.

Our friends Phil and Elizabeth came over to help us finish the nursery painting and install new baseboards in the living room. This was a MAJOR help since we had still have multiple house projects in the works (THANK YOU P&E!!)... I have a tendency to start a home project and begin another before the first one is ever finished. This personal flaw of mine is a large surprise that I am somehow a Project Manager at work :)

Any who, once all of the paint and baseboards were done... Brad got into "nesting mode" and cleaned up the room pretty well. It was like brand-new again - you could never tell that our pets lived in here :)

Then in June, we inherited a TON of baby stuff from my amazing God Father and favorite Uncle, Migue and his wife, Marlene! Although I was the one to take it all apart when visiting them in Miami with my mom, somehow Brad was able to put it all together without breaking a sweat. Building that bassinet frame was going to be the death of me! I'm pretty sure I made 3 attempts before I gave up. My uncle and his wife just had a baby last year and she has since out grown most of her infant care. We are extremely fortunate to have saved a ton by acquiring all of their perfectly taken care of items :)

Brad and I finished most of our registry with the help of my mom while at Babies-R-Us picking out nursery furniture. Have I mentioned lately how helpful he has been? I mean, he's always really helpful during my kitchen experiments, but he has been EXTRA helpful and amazing throughout my pregnancy and preparing for our little bean to arrive. And yes, he seems to enjoy himself playing with all the different baby toys!

Between learning about car seats, strollers (yes, we are definitely going for the jogging stroller - we gotta get back to marathon training eventually.. wink wink), carriers, etc. he's been pretty relaxed and fun about the whole thing :)

While at Babies-R-Us we decided on a crib/dresser set and placed our order! We are very lucky and thankful to my parents for gifting us our nursery furniture <3 we just have to wait for all of the pieces to arrive. Meanwhile, my mom (we call her Mami) is also helping us restore Brad's old dresser he had as a child - its around 30yrs old and sturdy as a rock! Here is a before picture, with a little bit of sanding and no handles (I have to learn to take more pictures so that I can tell better stories on the blog - rookie move!):

While all of that nursery construction is going on, Brad's Mom (we just refer to her as Mom) and I have been discussing the bedding/theme of the nursery. I decided I really liked baby elephants. So, I picked out a nursery pattern (I had to learn what a pattern was, kindly Mom explained that when you sew things from "scratch", patterns are like instructions to help you figure out how much material you need and how to create what you want to sew). We also made a trip to Joann a few weeks ago and we picked out all of the material. Phew! Here is what we are working with (pink, grey and white). I'll dedicate a post to these different mini-projects later.

This past weekend, our dresser/changing table and glider arrived. It was an interesting experience trying to figure out if the furniture had arrives at Babies-R-Us or not. If we didn't get such a great deal on the furniture, I think we would have returned it all and gone to BuyBuyBaby who have the most helpful and knowledgeable employees about baby stuff on this Earth. We decided to get a dresser and purchase the changing table "topper" separately. I've read in a lot of places that the changing-table-only is pretty much a waste of space and we really needed more storage. TADA! The dresser with the changing table topper.

We also picked up the glider! Which I am looking forward to spending lots of evenings sleeping while feeding in this bad-boy! (that is seriously not sarcasm) For now, I'll let Brad practice his rocking with our largest child, Toby...

Thats all for now! Hopefully the crib will arrive soon, we'll start our sewing project at the end of the month and Mami will get to finish the dresser in August by the time our baby shower comes along.

Time is flyyyyyying and it feels like we still have so much to do!

Soon-to-be-Mommy Stephanie