Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sydney Dover Trails

Every Sunday, our running group (BRA) hosts a “recovery run” at Sydney Dover Trails right outside of Brandon. Usually a small crowd between 4-6 people show up to start at 7:30am (this changes according to daylight savings, so check the "rungenda" on the BRA page for the official time if you'd ever like to join some runs!). Its a pretty easy trail, 4-mile loop that we all run at a recovery pace (slow and easy). Everyone’s definition of slow is different, but the overall concept is the same - take it easy on Sundays!

Brad usually takes our largest dog, Toby (the golden doodle) with him when he goes. There is not much wildlife (that you can see) out there and Toby LOVES to run just as much as he loves people. Brad usually runs with Toby with his leash on for the first half mile or so while he gets all of his excitement out. If you know our Toby, he has A LOT of energy! Running on the trails is his favorite thing to do. We've worked him up from 2mi to 10mi over the last several years. Just like the rest of us, some Sundays his run is "easy" and other Sundays he seems to drag during the last several miles. We always make sure to bring plenty of water to hydrate him and we keep his hair cut much shorter in the spring/summer months.
Toby posing for a photo at Sydney Dover back in March
Although I gave up running last month, I have been feeling pretty jealous of Brad and Toby's runs together. I LOVE sleeping-in on the weekends (or any day of the week, really); but lately I've had a lot more energy and I'd been wishing I was out there with them. Well, this past Sunday, Hemi (our smaller dog) and I decided to join the group on their run.

I was doing the math in my head and I figured out while Toby and Brad ran 2 loops, Hemi and I can finish 1 loop. Hemi isn't as active as Toby is and I think its because he naturally doesn't have as much energy (or so I thought). Hemi is never interested in playing catch and his definition of a good time usually involves you rubbing his belly and giving him kisses. Hemi and I have run around the neighborhood a few times before, up to 1mile usually around 12-13 min pace.

So this week, Hemi and I decided we needed to up our fitness level. I packed a water bottle to run with and we started around 6:45am (so that Brad and Toby can make it back to the parking lot and begin their second loop with the group at 7:30am). During the first mile, Hemi was DESPERATE to try and keep up with Brad and Toby as they took off. He was so excited to be out on the trail that I had to keep him on the leash more than I wanted to because he kept running off to try and catch up with the boys.

Hemi admiring the scenery
I ran with music from my phone to keep me entertained for the 1hr+ it was going to take us to finish. This ended up working out perfectly because for the first 2 miles we power-walked and then ran through all of the choruses of the music playing. For the last 2 miles, we were both getting pretty tired of running so we just power-walked it back to the parking lot. Sydney Dover trails are pretty shaded in the morning so it was nice to see the sun rise without having the direct heat on your skin.
Me, post-4 mile walk/run at Sydney Dover at 26 weeks pregnant

After the run, I was ready to get back to the AC. I drank lots of water and I took it easy. So, I didn't feel over-exerted but I was definitely tired of being on my feet. Running around with 25 more pounds than you are normally accustomed to is hard work! :) On the other hand, Hemi still had plenty of energy...
Waiting for my daddy and brother...
Why did they make me go with my slow-mommy?!
We finished a little ahead of schedule and waited for the rest of the group to join us in the parking lot. Brad packed some ice-pops which were PERFECT for the HOT run! We always spend a good 10-20 minutes chatting with the group after we finish the run. It was a pretty large turn-out even though it was Father's Day.

How do you like to start your Sundays? The views at Sydney Dover are my favorite.

Pregnant-Runner Stephanie

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