Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prenatal Yoga is amazing

Last month I gave up on running. I literally ran/walked 3.1 miles at Miles for Moffit and then threw in the towel. I knew that running wouldn't be the same while pregnant, but I couldn't shake how stressful it felt to get dressed (none of my running clothes were fitting me anymore), remembering to charge my Garmin (this was already a problem I was struggling with pre-pregnancy) and then going outside from my cold AC to the brutal heat - oh yeah did I mention that running with 15 extra pounds felt very sluggish and tiring?

When you first get knocked up find out you're pregnant, your OBGYN expresses how staying fit during pregnancy is healthy. You read all of these articles about how you should get in 30minutes of daily exercise. And then out of no where, you begin learning about heart rate restrictions and how you shouldn't work up too much of a sweat (something about your baby doesn't know how to cool itself down when you are all sweaty). All of this new information (literally given to me around 12 weeks and after I ran 2 major races - Ragnar Relay Key West and Gasparilla 15k) made it really stressful to think about running. I was run/walking and my heart rate was still through the roof, I was run/walking with a cold water bottle and "listening to my body".. but it all started to ruin my relationship with my love for running.

So, I gave up and promised myself that after our bambino was born I would ease back into running. I also promised myself that I would find a new form of exercise. So, I found prenatal yoga! And it has been such a relaxing, fun and calm experience (although the drive from Seffner to Valrico during the prime of rush hour isn't so great).

Yoga is literally the one hour of the week that I avoid speaking. Its pretty amazing what a little bit of silence will do for your life :)

It has been such an enjoyable experience that I make a list of things I need to do in order to prepare:
  1. I avoid traveling to Orlando for work on Wednesdays
  2. I plan what Brad (my husband) is going to cook for dinner when he gets home from work at 4pm so that I can continue working (and eat something) before I need to leave the house for yoga class.
  3. I give myself plenty of time to arrive at yoga. When I am driving in a rush, I arrive at the studio all flustered.
  4. I try my best to be in the moment of the class and relax (just like yoga teaches you)
This is literally how relaxed I feel when doing prenatal yoga

Holy moly! I am sure that prenatal yoga is much easier than regular yoga, but I'm really enjoying it. Last night I attended my 4th class and I plan to go as much as possible until I deliver. Now, if only I could find a studio closer to my house which offers more than 1 class a week. Any recommendations are welcome!  :) :)

Yogi Stephanita

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