Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ragnar Training and Life Recently

The last several weeks Brad and I have been amping up our running in preparation for Ragnar Relay - Florida Keys. Ragnar has been on my bucket list as long as I've been blog stalking runners in the Tampa Bay area; which is how I came up with the idea for us to run our first marathon. Although I can't convince Brad to run another marathon, I did convince him to run Ragnar! This year we are one of a few rookies on the "40 and under" team. Our running group has another team going, the "masters team" who are all 40, older and can kick my running butt!

Next Thursday we'll be loading up our two 15-passenger vans in Brandon and headed toward Miami. Beginning on Friday morning, our vans will relay-run (is that even a phrase?) from Miami to Key West - 196.2 miles! We have a total of 12 teammates and we'll each run 3 legs. I'm runner #10 and I'll only be running  a total of 13.2 miles. All the veterans are telling us that the catch is trying to "recover" in a van, eat/hydrate and be ready to run again when its your turn. So, we've been running two-a-days on Saturday and Sunday to help simulate running on tired legs with little sleep/recovery in between.

You are probably reading all of this and thinking, "Why in the world would you sign up for a race like that?" or maybe, "Why in the world do you even run!" And it's because its fun! First off, the running group we belong to (Brandon Running Association) is the most diverse, fun and supportive group I have ever belonged to. Plus, our members run, jog, shuffle, walk; it doesn't matter - we move, together. Second off, races are the reason why I run. Races are SO MUCH FUN! #iheartfinishlines

As far as the work, life and my domestic wife roles go - I haven't been doing many domestic wife duties (I mean, I barely "cook" as it is). Last week I spent 5 days in New York for work. Besides working tons of hours, I experienced 3 new things: 

  1. I rode the train from Long Island to New York City (I'm pretty sure this is much nicer than the subway).
  2. I saw a Broadway show! & walked around Times Square.
  3. I saw "flurries" fall from the cold, cold sky (Before this, I had never seen snow fall).

I have a few projects on the back burner to begin once I have sat for my CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) test. My traveling is done for a while and I'm back to preparing to take my exam in mid-February. I'll share a few projects I have on my list:

  1. Sew a slip-cover for my ugly, oversized office chair
  2. Cook a complex meal, successfully
Okay, I know I said a few... but you have to start somewhere right?!


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