Friday, December 5, 2014

Turkey Trot 5k

Last Thursday, Brad and I ran the Turkey Trot in Fish Hawk. It was a very cold morning but that usually means happy running in Florida! I ran multiple times around the parking lot for a 1 mile warm up. We even got to see some of our BRA (Brandon Running Association) friends! 
Yes, those are ear warmers in Florida!
I haven't raced a 5k since October 2013 when I finished in 26:22 (8:24 avg pace) and I was almost throwing up at the finish line trying to catch up to a girl in front of me.

This year, I think I over did it with the layers - I was sweating bullets during the last mile and I just didn't have time to take off my thick, black long sleeve shirt. I didn't have a race plan going into this, but I did want to "run fast" to get a PR. This is pretty much how it went:

Start line - "I think I can run fast.. its nice and cold outside. Oh wow! My phone doesn't turn on, how am I supposed to listen to that funky music which helps me run fast?" :(

1st mile - I can try to run around all of these people who were lined up in the 8min mile group, let me jog on the side walk and try to keep behind my running buddy Randy.... I think I can keep this 8:04 pace!

2nd mile - Okay, I lost Randy but here comes Esther! I know she is fast but maybe I can try to keep up with her. I really wish that my phone was working right now so that I can listen to a little bit of music... maybe i'll just sing to myself. I am going to stop at the water stop, I'm feeling a little thirsty! I'm struggling to keep my 8:10 pace!

3rd.1 mile - I don't know if I'm going to PR. This long sleeve is really making me sweat, I've stopped at both water stops and I just can't keep my breathing while going this fast. I need to slow down and walk/run some just to finish! Why did you go out too fast, Stephanie? Boooo, look at the "up hill" slope near the finish line.

I know what you're probably thinking, she talks to herself while running? Well I need something to keep my brain preoccupied! I finished in 26:09 (8:14 avg pace). So I guess I achieved my goal to set a PR but maybe I would have done a little better if I was more conservative at the start line - and if I didn't have to sing to myself for 3 miles :D

Lesson learned: don't go out too fast! And ask for a new phone for Christmas? :)


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